Mei Mei Natural Liquid Cleanser 800ml

Mei Mei Natural Liquid Cleanser
Gentle and mild for hands

Safe & Effective & Convenient to use

Effectively remove milk residues, dust, and stains

Specially formulated from Coconut Oil, Litsea Cubeb Oil, and other plant based ingredients

Suitable to use on baby accessories, fruits and vegetables, general household and kitchen detergents

A safe mild liquid cleanser, based on ingredients derived from coconutoils and sugars without chemical processing. Suitable for cleaningfeeding bottles, toys and tableware to remove milk residues and dust aswell as, for cleaning residual pesticides from the surface of fruit andvegetable.

Active ingredients:
Coconut Oil
Castor Oil
Litsea Cubeb Oil

How to Use?
1. Use 1 or 2 pumps (3-6ml) in suitable amount of water
2. Using normal washing procedure to wash baby accessories, fruits and vegetables
3. Risen them in water for 30-60 seconds
4. Allow to drain dry
You don't need to soak your items during cleaning process, because MeiMei Natural Liquid Cleanser has enough cleansing power to clean youritems.

When to Use?
For cleaning toys, feeding bottles, tableware, fruit & vegetables, teats, pacifiers and etc.